Printable Maps for the Classroom

December 7th, 2018

It is critical for any Social Studies student (or student in general) to have a basic understanding of geography. Important events are difficult to understand when you cannot place them in the correct context (time and place).

Your students can practice their map skills without a computer using any of the printable maps available at the websites below.

GIS Geography, The United States Map Collection

National Map

GIS Geography has a vast collection of US maps. They are all free to use because the original source is the National Map.

Outline Maps, Education Place


Education Place offers a number of different, relatively simple, maps that teachers can print out and use. Aside from political, historical, and physical maps, Education Place also offers unlabled maps of every continent. These blank maps are useful for teachers who want to quiz their students or have them fill in the maps with content specific to their lesson or unit. All of Education Place’s maps are in PDF format, easy to print and use.

Mapmaker, National Geographic

Map Maker National Geographic

You can use the Mapmaker on National Geographic’s website to create a customized map specific for your needs. You have the option to add or take away different map elements like latitude and longitudinal lines, country borders, river names, etc.

You can create a map of a specific continent, country, or region. Additionally, you can include different symbols and drawings to make the map specifically match the content you are teaching. Once you’ve completed your “mapsterpiece” you have the option to download it as a PDF, XML, or static image file.


There is a wide variety of maps available on d-maps, ranging from blank outlines of different countries and continents to historical maps that accurately depict regions like the Fertile Crescent and Attica. This would be a great website for world history teachers in particular to check out. You can select maps that are colored, black and white, unlabeled, etc. and they are all available in six different formats (GIF, PDF, CDR, SVG, AI, and WMF).