Is Palestine a Country?


A photo from the city Jeriko on the West Bank.

The status of the State of Palestine is one of the most sensitive political questions in the world. Since 1947, the geographic region historically known as Palestine was divided into two areas; one with a Jewish majority and one with an Arab majority.

The next year, Israel declared its independence as a Jewish state, and conflicts between various Arab states and Israel have been relatively frequent ever since.

Over 70 percent of United Nations members officially recognize the State of Palestine, which is broken up into two areas. The smaller of the two areas is the Gaza Strip, which shares a border with Egypt. The larger area, bordering Jordan, is known as the West Bank. The state of Israel, however, claims both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as part of its sovereign territory.

At the United Nations, Palestine is one of two non-member observer states, the other one being the Vatican City. Although at times there has been some political progress, there is still no permanent solution to the status of Palestine.

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