Mississippi Voters Approve New State Flag

November 4, 2020

The new Mississippi flag design.

Mississippi will fly a new state flag with a magnolia and the phrase “In God We Trust,” with voters approving the design on the November 3 ballot.

Mississippi has been without a flag since late June, when legislators surrendered the last state banner in the U.S. that included the Confederate battle emblem

The abandoned flag design, which was adopted in 1894, included a canton of the Confederate battle flag. Seeking to exclude the Confederate symbol from the new flag, the state commission selected a new design, known as the “Magnolia Flag” or “In God We Trust Flag.”.

The new flag features a magnolia blossom surrounded by 20 stars, signifying Mississippi's status at the 20th state in the union, and a gold five-point star to reflect Mississippi's indigenous Native American tribes.

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The previous flag design.