Mississippi Currently Has No Official State Flag

July 7, 2020

Mississippi map

For the moment, Mississippi doesn't have a state flag. The state retired its most recent version on June 30, 2020.

Mississippi is currently using the flag of the United States for official purposes, with the state seal and coat of arms updated to replace images of the former state flag.

The scrapped flag design, which was adopted in 1894, included a canton of the Confederate battle flag. Mississippi's legislators are considering new designs that omit the Confederate symbol.

At Seterra, we stay on top of flag changes and update any impacted quizzes as quickly as possible. Our US State Flag quiz now includes the former Mississippi state flag only as an optional extra flag that can be added when creating a custom quiz. As soon as Mississippi legislators decide on a new design, we'll update the US State Flag quiz again.

The former flag of Mississippi (1894–2020)