Jammu and Kashmir Splits Into Two

November 3, 2019

Map of India after the split.

India flag

Jutting out from the northernmost part of India, wedged precariously between Pakistan and China, is the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Make that was.

India just downgraded Jammu and Kashmir's status and broke off a piece of that region to be a separate territory.

Since 1949, India's government gave Jammu and Kashmir the power to have its own constitution, flag, and, for the most part, autonomy.

The Indian government's support for the region's statehood has recently ended—Jammu and Kashmir has lost its independence, falling under control of all the provisions of the Indian constitution.

As of October 31 2019, Jammu and Kashmir is no longer classified as an Indian state; it is now a union territory. What's more, the region of Ladakh, which was part of Jammu and Kashmir, was separated and made a standalone union territory.

At Seterra, we're always watching out for states' status and name changes, and we've already updated our India map quizzes to reflect the new status of Ladakh and of Jammu and Kashmir.

Leh, the capital of the new union territory Ladakh.

Snowy road in Ladakh, India.