Enhanced Game Feature: In Capitals Quizzes, Voice Reads Country or State Names

September 17th, 2018

Matching country or state names with their capital cities just got a whole lot easier! For all capitals map quizzes, the voice feature now reads the country or state name that corresponds to each capital city name. When you’re trying to memorize all the capitals, hearing both names together will help a lot!

This enhancement is available in all map-based capitals quizzes, but only when you’re in Show All mode and Learn mode. Once all the name pairings are locked safely away in your brain, switch to one of the other game modes and put your memorization skills to the test.

To use this new feature, be sure to select ‘Show All’ or ‘Learn’ from the Game Mode drop-down list located in the lower-left corner and select the Voice checkbox located below the quiz on the right.