The 3 Hardest Seterra Map Quizzes

Every day, thousands of quiz results flow into Seterra servers. The stats prove an impressive geographic prowess among our quiz-loving web visitors. One interesting slice of data reveals which map quizzes are the most difficult. Below, we'll look at the three hardest Seterra quizzes and hopefully encourage some people to try their hand at these torturous tests.

Texas: Counties (254 Elements)

Saddle up for a rough ride! This ridiculously hard map quiz challenges you to identify all 254 counties of the Lone Star State. At least half of these counties are rectangular, so you've got some serious location-based memorization to do! Give this game a try!

Sweden: Municipalities (290 Elements)

Can you identify all 290 municipalities of Sweden? If that sounds easy, congratulations on your knowledge of Swedish geography! This quiz is not available in English, so you'll be dealing with these city names in Swedish. The borders include many distinct shapes and sizes, but with nearly 300 municipalities to locate, this quiz is a challenge for anyone who dares attempt it.

Germany: Counties and Independent Cities
(401 Elements)

With over 82 million people, Germany has the largest population in the European Union. Those citizens reside in Germany's many counties and independent cities, the subject of this supremely difficult quiz game. Of the three quizzes that made this list, this quiz asks you to identify the largest number of locations… 401 to be precise! And one more thing—there's no English language version of this quiz, so brush up on your German!

These three map quizzes are not for the faint of heart. If you feel up to the challenge, dig into the Texas counties, memorize Sweden's municipalities (in Swedish!), or try learning all of Germany's counties and independent cities. Then, see if you can excel at one of Seterra's three hardest map quizzes!