Geoguessr: A Street View Is Your Only Clue

Did you know that Seterra isn't the only awesome geography game to come out of Sweden? There's also a game called Geoguessr. It's an addictive location discovery game that's been popular since the day it was released in 2013.

The game is so much fun because it places you somewhere in the world, with the only clue about your location being a Google Maps Street View. It's your job to figure out where you are, and then drop a pin to lock in your guess.

Where in the world are we?

You can take advantage of all the mobility that Street View offers, which means you can roam around, pan and scan everything in your path, and come up with hints about your location. Maybe you'll see a street sign in French, or an iconic Asian temple. You may have to guess based on the terrain and vegetation you see. Geoguessr will put your reasoning skills and your knowledge of geography to the test. After you drop your pin, Geoguessr calculates the distance between your guess and the correct location. The closer you get to the right spot, the more points you'll receive!

There are so many different Geoguessr games to play. You can use them to explore the whole world, drill down on a specific region, or visit far-flung tourist favorites. There are games covering the Unites States, Europe, Australia, and more.

There's even a game that drops you in front of a series of international McDonald's locations, and another that puts you on the sites of some famous movie scenes. Geoguessr is a blast, but it also works really well as a classroom activity. If players team up, take their time, and use an atlas or online map to narrow down their guesses, there will be some fun competition, and a lot of learning. Players can share games with their friends, challenging them to match their high scores.

If you're a geography enthusiast who loves virtual travel, or a teacher interested in exploring location around the globe while challenging your students' deductive reasoning skills, Geoguessr is a game you should check out!

Try it here:

A beautiful bridge in a beautiful city… where are we?