Educational Freeware

Below, you find a list of all my downloadable educational software titles. They are all completely FREE! No ads, no trial periods, no spyware.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the list below, you can find more free software on the websites Educational Software.


Very popular free geography software for home or classroom use. Learn about countries, states, flags, cities and capitals all over the world! Multilingual.

Helps your children learn letters, numbers, simple math, and reading. Multilingual, freeware.

Fun and creative exercises for toddlers. Multilingual, freeware.

A language vocabulary tutor. Extend your German, Spanish, French and Swedish vocab! Freeware! Perfect for ESL students as well.

Play a Tetris-style game and learn German, Spanish, French and Swedish! Freeware!

Learn the English phonetic alphabet (IPA). Freeware!
A website for teaching kids and grown-ups basic Chinese characters .


2011-04-04: The install programs for Sebran, Minisebran, Sephonics and Poetry Screen saver were updated to support Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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