The Flag Games Now Have Game Modes

The map games in Seterra have always had different game modes, but until now they have been missing from the flag games. But now, we have finally added them!

You can find he different game modes in a drop-down box below the flag game. The games modes available are:

Show All
Display all flag names, in alphabetical order.

Study the flags through the Learn mode, which displays the name of the country or state after clicking it.

This timed game mode challenges you to click on the given flag as fast as possible.

Pin (hard)
Our most challenging mode! This game mode is similar to the Pin mode, but after you have given a correct answer, the flag will return to its original look, so that you cannot use elimination when playing the last few flags.

In the Type mode, you type the name of the flag on your keyboard. Can’t remember a name? Click the “Hint” button to get a hint!

You can find the drop-down box to change the game mode below the flag game.

A flag game running in the Type mode.