Now Custom Locations Can Have Descriptions

If you’re a Seterra supporter, you can add Custom Locations anywhere on a map, and now, that feature is even better!

In any of our map quizzes, when you add a custom location, you can include descriptive text that will appear in the bottom panel of the quiz (or in some quizzes, in the main map panel).

You can add Custom Locations anywhere on a map, replacing some or all of the default locations with your own. Now, each custom location you create can be much more informative, with your descriptive text adding important details that can make your quiz more useful.

In a custom location description, you’ve got 450 characters to work with, so this feature allows you to include some in-depth information about the places in your quiz. Plus, there’s limited HTML support—you can add line breaks with the <br> tag, and you can bold words using the <b> and </b> tags.

Another new feature that we just added is editing an existing custom location, in case you want to move it to a different location or change their name or description. Just click the pencil icon in the list.

The Custom Locations feature works in all map quizzes and is available to our supporters only.

We hope you love the ability to add descriptive text for your custom locations and that it makes your custom quizzes even more fun, helpful, and popular when you share them!