Free Seterra Memberships for Schools Affected by COVID-19

Please note: this offer is no longer valid

Many schools all around the world are closing due to coronavirus. We're eager to help them maintain continuity of learning, so we're offering any teacher in those schools a free level 1 Seterra Geography membership (regular price: 1 USD / month).

With your free Seterra membership, you can:

- Create custom quizzes that are not deleted after 30 days.
- Add custom locations to the quizzes.
- Add public leaderboards to the quizzes.

If you are a teacher affected by a school closure and want to get a free membership, please first register an account on (Just create the account, there is no need to enter your credit card details). Then email with the following details:

1. Your name,
2. The name of the school you work in,
3. The State and Country where the school is located,
4. The email address you used to register your account.

We will not be able to complete your request unless all four questions have been answered.

Before applying for an account, please read our Frequently Asked Questions on using Seterra in the classroom or for remote learning.

We will email you when your free account is activated, usually within 24 hours. The free membership will be valid through September 30, 2020.

If your school is temporarily shutting down due to coronavirus, our educational map quizzes can help you keep students engaged until it's safe to resume normal lessons.

Please note: this offer is no longer valid