New: Cartoon Quizzes!


Image quiz europe
Our new cartoon quiz on the countries of Europe.

Learning the European countries or the 50 U.S. States can be challenging… almost as challenging as getting kids to look at a map for more than 30 seconds!

You and your students have a lot of work to do, so why not make it fun? We have just added two engaging map quiz games that feature colorful cartoon icons! The catch is, kids only see the image after they select the correct state or country—talk about motivation!

There’s one quiz covering the U.S. states and another covering the countries of Europe. The quizzes are packed with vibrant cartoon images, each chosen to represent the selected state or country.

Try out these two quizzes today, and check back soon, because we plan to add more fun cartoon quizzes in the near future!

Image quiz usa
Our new cartoon quiz on the 50 states.