Share Your Custom Science Quiz with the World!

Have you created a great custom science quiz? Why not add it to our collection of user-generated quizzes?

When you create a custom quiz in Seterra, only you and the people you share the link with will see the quiz. However, some users are eager to share their custom quizzes with the whole world, and we’re sure that others are eager to see them too!

So, starting today, Seterra will publish user-generated quizzes for everyone to access. The list of quizzes will, of course, include only quizzes that the creator has given permission to publish.

Do you want your quiz to be included? Email us at!

Here is the list of quizzes so far - we will be adding more soon!

>> Non-ium elements (by C.K. Jackson)

>> Forest Food Chain (by Leslie Cosentine)

>> Nitrogen Cycle (by Leslie Cosentine)

>> Carbon Cycle (by Leslie Cosentine)

>> Water Cycle (by Leslie Cosentine)

Keep in mind that, just like every quiz on the website, these user-generated quizzes can be the starting place for your own custom quiz. Just click "Create custom quiz", and you get your own copy of the quiz where you can delete and add locations.

When you’ve got your custom quiz just the way you want it, drop us a line and we might share it with the world in our list of user-generated quizzes!