Niemcy: Flagi krajów związkowych - Quiz z flagami

  • Badenia-Wirtembergia
  • Bawaria
  • Berlin
  • Brandenburgia
  • Brema
  • Dolna Saksonia
  • Hamburg
  • Hesja
  • Meklemburgia-Pomorze Przednie
  • Nadrenia Północna-Westfalia
  • Nadrenia-Palatynat
  • Saara
  • Saksonia
  • Saksonia-Anhalt
  • Szlezwik-Holsztyn
  • Turyngia
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Some German state flags are remarkably similar to one another. If you invert the flag of Thuringia, you’ll see the Hesse flag—they both sport a red stripe and a white stripe, but Hesse put the red stripe on top! Check out this flag quiz game to discover more interesting details about the state flags of Germany. An upright bear might help you recall the flag of “Bearlin”—that’s no joke, the bear on Berlin’s flag fits into a design tradition (called Canting arms) in which place names are represented with a visual pun! The flag of Lower Saxony is the only German state flag that features a horse, but remembering details like that might take some work. Make it easy with this map quiz game and become an expert on the state flags of Germany.

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