Invite people to play without having to pay!

Looking to play GeoGuessr together with friends, co-workers or in another context?
With all our GeoGuessr Pro subscriptions you can invite people to play without having to pay. No GeoGuessr account is needed, each player only needs to choose a nickname.

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Play live together in Parties and Quizzes


With a PRO subscription you can host your own live Party, where up to 100 guests can join your game.

  • Go to
  • Select which game mode you want to play as well as the map of your choice.
  • Get a link or a code to share for people to join your Party.

Custom quiz

With a PRO subscription you can create your own custom Quiz!

Host it live with up to 1,000 guests

  • Go to to create your custom Quiz.
  • Start your Quiz in the top right corner.
  • Share the code or link to the Quiz for people to join.

Or, share your custom Quiz so that everyone can play at their convenience.

  • Everyone with the link can play. They can play at any time and as much as they want.

Play individually through challenge links

Challenge on classic maps

With a PRO subscription you can select any map on the site and share with people around you.

  • Select “Classic Maps” on the home page.
  • Click on More Maps and find your own created Maps and many others.
  • Select a map and click on “Challenge a friend”.
  • Share the link to the challenge to as many players as you want.
  • The Challenge can be played at any time and once finishing it, the leaderboard of results can be seen at the end.