Wereld: 30 meest bevolkte landen, Hoofdsteden - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • Abuja
  • Addis Abeba
  • Ankara
  • Bangkok
  • Berlijn
  • Bogotá
  • Brasilia
  • Caïro
  • Dhaka
  • Dodoma
  • Hanoi
  • Islamabad
  • Jakarta
  • Kinshasa
  • Londen
  • Madrid
  • Manilla
  • Mexico-Stad
  • Moskou
  • Nairobi
  • Naypyidaw
  • New Delhi
  • Parijs
  • Peking
  • Pretoria
  • Rome
  • Seoul
  • Teheran
  • Tokio
  • Washington, D.C.
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For the past few decades, the rankings of the most populous countries in the world have undergone some changes. The top few, like China, India, the United States, and Indonesia have stayed the same for a number of years. Since 2000, however, European countries like Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom have fallen in the rankings while Asian and African countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and the Philippines have risen considerably. Knowing those is a challenge enough, but then recognizing their capital cities is a greater challenge still. Good luck!

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