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Czech republic (polygonal)

This is a polygonal map of the Czech republic (Czechia), which means it can be more or less any location, the locations are NOT HAND-PICKED, so good locations are not guaranteed, but there are a lot. I will make a hand-picked map as well later.

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The Irish Sea Challenge! #3

This challenge is all about locations on the Irish Sea! This is also part three of a series of challenges I have about this sea! I hope you enjoy!

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American Railway Vistas #1

Five locations in the United States where one can see train tracks or train stations. These may be rural or urban, busy or rusting. Can you find them without moving and external assistance?

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MegaT3Ds Homeland.

Here is a map of what I class as my homelands. Where I have lived and was brought up. More for myself, but feel free to have a go!

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Let's discover together the famous city of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, in the Essonne's department, France.

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