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An Extraordinary World

A huge number (1429) of the world's most unusual natural and historical locations. Updated regularly with new locations (v66). If you want to suggest or report something, contact me on Reddit: u/ididntreaddit. Twitch:

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Created by Alok37_TTV

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Keine langen Straßen, aber interessante Ecken. Wohnst Du schon länger hier oben? Hast Du beruflich im Nordwesten zu tun? Brauchst Du noch Ideen für die Nächste EBike-Tour? Jede Menge Foto-Spheres, schwer zu erraten wo was ist, oft überraschend.

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Created by Dbdev

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Brunswick, Melbourne

Intended to be played by locals, with around a 90sec time limit, and without moving or scrolling. Locations are strictly within Brunswick's borders (based on Google maps)

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Created by max destro

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Monstrous Maps

Hoax or reality? Find out the homelands of 5 famous cryptids, and you'll be the winner of this week's challenge! Bonus props if you can also name the cryptids. No Googling!!!

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Created by Modestmarvel

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✈️ Tour the World #059

Rainforests, rivers and old towns you never heard of are some of the places this time. Starting with 5 destinations but if you play this same Geoguessr again in a few days there will be in all 100 places.

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Created by Kajelund

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My places.

Places I've been. Places I want to go. Places that are interesting. Probably not too difficult. Hope you like Oregon.

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Created by mrkorb

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Almost 27'000 different locations all over Japan. No Photospheres (hopefully).

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Created by Ustatsch

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