A Photospherical World

For this map, please set ''No Move'' in the movement settings, and read the whole description, some informations are necessary to fully appreciate it. Welcome to A Photospherical World ! 417 photospheres which are all guessable, in almost every country in the world. There are always enough clues so that a perfect score is possible. However, those clues are often hidden and it's up to you to find them. Be observant ! country flags, names of cities, islands, rivers, writing systems, license plates, shape of coasts, a lot of things can help you figure out where you are. On top of that, the compass is always accurate (though sometimes slightly wrong) and is often useful, sometimes even necessary to pinpoint your location. Sometimes, you're in a city in a known country, but there's absolutely no way to know what is the city you're in, in such cases, you're always in the capital city of that country. some locations require to know how to read the cyrillic alphabet to be guessable.
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