Oslo - Ring 1 Circuit

This is a map containing only the road of Ring 1 in Oslo, Norway. Not to be confused with maps having locations INSIDE Ring 1, this is 100 handpicked locations ALONG the road. Ring 1 starts at Tjuvholmen, travels trough Vika, past Nasjonalteateret, the Castle, St. Olavs plass, trough Vaterlandstunnelen, trough Vaterland and over the white bridge to Sørenga bru. The road is designed to be a fast way trough the city centre, instead of using other city roads with a lot of light crossings, one way roads etc.Suggested game modes:Educational: 5 min with moving allowed. A great way to familiarize yourself with the road if you are new to driving in Oslo.Hard Core Oslo Expert: Set 30 seconds with no moving or zoom. Please allow for panning, as I didn't individually adjust all 100 locations to.Will publish similar maps for Ring 2 and Ring 3.
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