A Rural World

19961 Rural locations all around the world. Some will be very hard to guess but in others you can deduce the country easily. No photospheres/blurry locations. v5/2021/04/11: Removed and replaced broken coverage from last update. Reduced the number of locations in Kenya, Nigeria, and Bhutan due to broken roads and Aris. Added 4 locations in Madeira, 3 in Azores, and one in Ceuta. You can find the number of locations for each country here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nSWKJqJoUbLQ96Pvyo571EmkBHzsQCVGO0CVAXh6mxM/edit?usp=sharing. Larger countries have more locations than before because some smaller ones/ those which have little coverage dont offer so many rural locations. Please note that this map is mainly for non-moving games so broken coverage as well as trekker view may be included, although it should be limited.
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