アメリカ:北東部の州都 - Map Quiz Game

  • アルバニー
  • オーガスタ
  • コンコード
  • トレントン
  • ハリスバーグ
  • ハートフォード
  • プロビデンス
  • ボストン
  • モントピリア

The Northeastern region is the United States most economically developed, densely populated, and culturally diverse region. Learn all the state capitals in this map quiz!Most people would assume that the capital of New York is New York City, and that the capital of Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. By studying for this quiz, you are not most people. Not only will you be able to find Albany and Harrisburg on the map in no time, you will be able to locate Concord and Montpelier, which are very easy to mix up.

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