フィンランド:都市 - Map Quiz Game

  • コトカ
  • マリエハムン
  • オウル
  • ヨエンスー
  • トゥルク
  • ラッペーンランタ
  • ユヴァスキュラ
  • ヴァーサ
  • ロヴァニエミ
  • ヘルシンキ
  • タンペレ
  • ポリ
  • ラハティ
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Of all the countries in the European Union, Finland is the most sparsely inhabited, in part because the land is covered in almost 200,000 lakes! Even so, there are nine cities in Finland with populations of over one hundred thousand, including the interestingly named Jyväskylä. One of the cities is even above the Arctic Circle, near the home of the real Santa Clause (not one of those fake guys at the mall).

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