スペイン語圏の国:国旗 - Flag Quiz Game

  • ウルグアイ
  • コスタリカ
  • アルゼンチン
  • エクアドル
  • ニカラグア
  • ドミニカ共和国
  • メキシコ
  • ボリビア
  • コロンビア
  • ベネズエラ
  • パナマ
  • プエルトリコ島
  • ペルー
  • スペイン
  • 赤道ギニア
  • チリ
  • キューバ
  • グアテマラ
  • ホンジュラス
  • エルサルバドル
  • パラグアイ
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437 million people speak Spanish. They live in 21 countries, and this flag quiz game will help you memorize all of those countries, and their flags! The flag of Chile, sporting a lone star and a red, white, and blue color scheme would have been an appropriate design for the state of Texas, as would the similarly decorated Cuban and Puerto Rican flags. Stars feature prominently in this set of flags, but you'll find other classic flag iconography as well, like stripes, eagles, suns, and lions. Check out this flag quiz to become an expert on the flags of all the Spanish speaking countries in the world.

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