中東:国旗 - Flag Quiz Game

  • イラク
  • アラブ首長国連邦
  • キプロス
  • バーレーン
  • オマーン
  • トルコ
  • エジプト
  • イエメン
  • レバノン
  • イスラエル
  • クウェート
  • カタール
  • ヨルダン
  • シリア
  • イラン
  • サウジアラビア

Only two countries in the world have a flag that features the country’s map; one of them is the Middle East country of Cyprus. Dozens of flags feature a tree, but the only Middle Eastern flag to feature one is Lebanon’s. Check out this flag quiz game to observe more interesting details about the flags of the Middle East. Many of these flags feature red, white and green, so the blue in Israel’s flag really stands out, as does Qatar’s field of maroon. This study aid makes it easy to memorize such similarities and differences, helping you identify the flags of the Middle East with ease.

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