İspanya: Özerk Topluluklar - Quiz Geografico

  • Aragon
  • Asturyas
  • Balear Adaları
  • Bask Bölgesi
  • Ekstremadura
  • Endülüs
  • Galiçya
  • Kanarya Adaları
  • Kantabria
  • Kastilya ve Leon
  • Kastilya-La Mancha
  • Katalunya
  • La Rioja
  • Madrid
  • Murcia
  • Navarre
  • Valensiya
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Many people do not realize that Spanish is not the native language of everyone in Spain. That is because the country has many autonomous regions with their own languages, such as Galician, Basque, and Catalan. In this free map quiz game you will learn how to identify the various autonomous communities. This sort of geography trivia is perfect if you are preparing for a geography bee.

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