Allemagne : les régions viticoles - Quiz de géographie

  • Hessische Bergstraße
  • Rheingau
  • Württemberg
  • Pfalz
  • Baden
  • Mosel
  • Rheinhessen
  • Sachsen
  • Saale-Unstrut
  • Ahr
  • Nahe
  • Mittelrhein
  • Franken
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Germany is known for growing a white grape variety known as Riesling that is used to make several types of white wine. The region of Mosel is the most famous Riesling region in the world. It has incredibly steep slopes and perfect soil for growing grapes. This map quiz game will help you locate Mosel on a map of Germany and memorize the location of 12 other German wine regions. Baden, the country's third largest growing region, produces Burgundy grapes. It's the southernmost winegrowing region in Germany—if you remember that, finding it on the map will be easy. Spend a little time with this engaging study aid and you'll be able to identify all 13 of the German wine regions.

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