Suriname : les districts - Quiz de géographie

  • Marowijne
  • Sipaliwini
  • Commewijne
  • Paramaribo
  • Saramacca
  • Nickerie
  • Wanica
  • Coronie
  • Brokopondo
  • Para
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Can you find the district of Sipaliwini on a map of Suriname? This map quiz game can help—you might even click Sipaliwini by accident—it's huge compared to the other districts of Suriname. At the other end of the scale in terms of size is Paramaribo, the smallest of the districts. Marowijne is a district on the north-east coast where resorts feature sandy beaches, supporting the area's tourism industry. If you use this map quiz and learn some notable geographical details about Suriname, you'll know all 10 of the districts of Suriname in no time.

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