Monde : 21 grandes villes (avec des images) - Quiz de géographie

  • Ottawa
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Delhi
  • Le Caire
  • Istanbul
  • Mexico
  • Lagos
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Pékin
  • Hong Kong
  • Washington DC
  • Buenos Aires
  • Jakarta
  • Moscou
  • Londres
  • Bangkok
  • Paris
  • Johannesbourg
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
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Who knew that memorizing the world's major cities could be so much fun?! This map quiz game displays colorful cartoons for each city you click on. When you see the pictures, they can help you remember the names and locations of these notable cities. Simply work your way through the map; images related to each place will appear, and before long, you’ll have located all 21 cities!

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