Belgique : les drapeaux des provinces - Quiz drapeau

  • Anvers
  • Brabant flamand
  • Brabant wallon
  • Bruxelles
  • Flandre-Occidentale
  • Flandre-Orientale
  • Hainaut
  • Limbourg
  • Liège
  • Luxembourg
  • Namur
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Here's a quiz that challenges you to identify all 11 provincial flags of Belgium. Antwerp, the northernmost province, borders the Netherlands and is home to the Port of Antwerp, the second-largest seaport in Europe. Its flag features a colorful checkerboard pattern. The flag of Hainaut prominently features four dragons; the province has a history that's linked to the French Revolutionary and the medieval County of Hainauta. A dragon and shield dominate the flag of Flemish Brabant, a province that reflects the rich cultural history of Belgium in many ways. Explore the fascinating facts of Belgium's history and work with this challenging quiz—in no time, you'll have all 11 province flags memorized!

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