Lithuania: Counties - Juego de Mapas

  • Alytaus Apskritis
  • Kauno Apskritis
  • Klaipedos Apskritis
  • Marijampoles Apskritis
  • Panevezio Apskritis
  • Siauliu Apskritis
  • Taurages Apskritis
  • Telsiu Apskritis
  • Utenos Apskritis
  • Vilniaus Apskritis
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At one point during the Middle Ages, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe, comprising Belarus and parts of Ukraine. Today, it is one of the smaller countries in the European Union. Its territory is subdivided into ten counties. Vilnius County, containing the capital city, is the largest in terms of population as well as territory. Even though the counties still exist, the municipality level of government is the most influential at the local level.

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