Madagaskar: Regionen - Erdkunde-Quiz

  • Alaotra Mangoro
  • Amoron’i Mania
  • Analamanga
  • Analanjirofo
  • Androy
  • Anosy
  • Atsimo-Andrefana
  • Atsimo-Atsinanana
  • Atsinanana
  • Betsiboka
  • Boeny
  • Bongolava
  • Diana
  • Haute Matsiatra
  • Ihorombe
  • Itasy
  • Melaky
  • Menabe
  • Sava
  • Sofia
  • Vakinankaratra
  • Vatovavy-Fitovinany
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Can you identify the 22 regions of Madagascar? This quiz game will make it easy. Since 2009, when the former provincial designations were dissolved, the regions have been the first-level administrative divisions of Madagascar. Statistical extremes can help you commit these regions to memory, for example, the largest region by area, Atsimo-Andrefana, is nearly ten times the size of the smallest, which is Itasy. The most populous region, Analamanga, has about ten times the people of the least populous region, Melaky. Learn a few details to help your memory and with the aid of this map quiz, you be an expert on the regions of Madagascar in no time!

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